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 Monitor waste 

 management in 

 your street

Do you wish for a clean and sustainable neighbourhood with better waste systems?

Is the safety of Waste workers a priority for you?

Become a Shuchi Mitra and help monitor waste management in your street:

  • Is waste being segregated in your street?

  • Is waste collected every day in your street?

  • Are workers wearing protective equipment?


Make 8th Cross safer during COVID-19

Are you concerned about preventing the spread of COVID-19 during the upcoming festivals?

Do you wish to take action to make 8th cross safe?

Volunteer to enable shops and vendors to follow mask, distancing and hygiene protocols:

  • Conduct an assisted audit to understand if shops are following protocols

  • Understand the challenges faced by shops in following protocols

Know more about the project.

Image by Juan Cruz Mountford

Join us to make Malleswaram better

Does the breakdown of infrastructure in our city worry you?

Do you wish to understand the complexity of urban situations and take action to improve your area?

Join us as we break down the complexity of neighbourhood problems and solve them inclusively:

  • Join our weekly meetings to be part of ongoing projects on waste and COVID-19 safety

  • Develop and implement solutions to help make Malleswaram better

Know more about the project.