Encouraging higher adoption of mask in public areas

The project investigates the design of various types of masks available in the market, user experiences and solutions to aim for 100% adoption of masks in public areas.


Wearing of masks has been mandated in the city as a measure to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, we have observed that this is not being followed diligently and most often we find that masks adorne the chin more than protect one’s nose and mouth. This has especially been seen in restaurants, shops, markets, etc. which are the hotspots for community spread.

Though there is a fining mechanism that can be leveraged, it is important to understand the core reasons behind why it is not being followed and work towards tackling them. This can range from comfort factor of masks, type of mask based on hours of usage, lack of awareness, etc.


People moving in public spaces (shopping/exercise), street-vendors, delivery persons, BBMP officials, pourakarmikas and waste workers, medical professionals, COVID-19 health workers.


  1. To understand the hurdles to adoption of face-masks and work towards 100% adoption in public, while also ensuring that masks are worn in an effective, safe and comfortable way.

  2. To develop solutions that address the complete life-cycle of mask use - from production, distribution, access, use and disposal.

Project Tasks

  1. Develop awareness strategies that emphasize the adoption of masks targeting the varied user groups and spaces

  2. Develop customisations and design improvements that can improve mask comfort and effectiveness

  3. Create IEC material: as guidelines for correct design of masks for producers, as well as awareness content for appropriate usage of masks and their disposal

  4. Evaluate/test the proposition of setting up mask-distribution kiosks linked to existing establishments such as chemists, restaurants, vendors and businesses

  5. Expand the definition of face-covering to include face shield

Progress so far

Community Survey

In order to understand and document the everyday experience of wearing a mask, the volunteers undertook a short exercise where they paid mindful attention to the experience of wearing a mask for an hour. They noted how many times they touched or adjusted their mask in that hour, and observed any discomfort they felt. Here’s what they said:

User Experience Survey

A short community survey has been launched to document people’s challenges in wearing masks in their day to day life. By understanding people’s habits around the purchase, use and disposal of masks, we hope to improve mask designs, create more targeted awareness campaigns and therefore increase mask adoption.

To take the survey: click here


Join the Initiative!

How can contribute to this project:

  • Take the User Experience Survey on ‘Wearing face masks during COVID-19’

  • Help develop awareness material on the use of face-masks

  • Help develop a mask-distribution system - identify locations, design a kiosk, connect with sponsors, and ensure sustainability

Join us as we help make Malleshwaram safer, healthier and happier! Sign up here!

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