Introducing public contactless hand sanitation stations

The project explores available market options for different types of hand sanitation systems and how can they be installed at scale in Malleswaram


Hand sanitation is one of the key measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, however it is not being practiced extensively in naturally crowded and therefore high risk environments such as markets, restaurants, shops, and other public/semi-public places. Even if there are hand-washing areas and sanitiser dispensing bottles being provided, the continuous touching of either the push bottle or the tap makes them unsafe. So, there is a need to understand how to introduce hand sanitizing stations that are safe and easy to operate and can be deployed at scale.


Shops, restaurants, hole-in-the-wall eateries, street vendors, people moving in public spaces.


Build awareness around hand sanitization in public areas and introduce a network of contactless hand sanitation stations in the streets and other key public spaces in Malleshwaram.

Project Tasks

  1. Identification of strategic locations in Malleshwaram for hand sanitation stations.

  2. Market research on various types of design prototypes available and their features, cost and effectiveness.

  3. Development of a maintenance and funding model that is sustainable and liaising with existing establishments, businesses and funders.

Progress so far

Mapping potential locations for hand sanitation stations

The mapping exercise is planned in two phases. The digital mapping by the volunteer team of known locations covering the typologies mentioned below has been completed. The next step is to filter these locations and conduct an on-field photo documentation of micro conditions of the most suitable priority locations. This is to be followed by conversations with the different stakeholders to explore partnerships for maintenance and funding of the stations as well as identification of the right type of stations for different locations.

Typology of spaces considered:

Bus stops/Auto Stands, Parks, Places of Worship, Govt. offices, Public Toilets, Banks/ATMs, Eateries/Restaurants/Cafe, Supermarkets/Grocery stores, HOPCOMS, Nandini Milk booths, Salons/Barber shops.

Market Options for Hand Sanitation Stations

A detailed secondary research exercise was undertaken, that has revealed a variety of types of hand sanitizing stations. They have been classified as per their functionalities, cost, availability, safety and size. A parallel exercise is also underway to understand where such stations may already be installed and how they have been funded so far.


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