8th Cross Malleswaram 'COVID Safety Plan' for Dussehra

This is a plan to keep Malleswaram streets safe during the unprecedented crowding during the festival time of Dussehra.

In Dussehra, thousands of people from both from the neighborhood and around the city throng Malleswaram, especially 8th cross. The presence of temples nearby and the intense commercial activity makes it a major hub during festival time. Normally a joyous time for community celebration and shopping, the typically large crowds also exponentially raise the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the area.

8th cross photos (pre-festival):

Conservancy lanes and side lanes (pre-festival):

The combination of shops, parking, vehicular traffic, tightly packed street vending makes social distancing a challenge especially with shoppers, vendors, shopfronts all occupying limited pavement and street space. There are nearly 77 shops and 200 street vendors present. The number of vendors normally goes up to 300 - 400, to a point where there is no space to even to put a step.

We conducted surveys and spoke to vendors and shop owners/keepers about the challenges they faced and whether they were able to follow protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To keep the neighborhood safe, Malleswaram Urban Living Lab (MULL), has created a “Malleswaram 8th Cross Festival Plan” in close consultation with the 8th cross stakeholders.


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