Mobilising the Ward Disaster Management Committee

Project deals with creating awareness and alignment with WDMC and the booth level volunteer system being developed to tackle COVID


As a sustained response to tackling COVID-19, BBMP has launched a decentralised campaign for managing the virus transmission and availability of support systems with active citizen participation. In this regard, the BBMP has issued an order about the setting up of Ward Disaster Management Committees (WDMCs) in each ward through the already existing Ward Committees. Additionally, it has listed 13 core functions and made available INR 20 lakhs per ward for funding COVID related activities. Further, Booth Level Committees (BLCs) are being formed with citizens and officials to act as on-ground operational units providing information and support to citizens on COVID-19.

There is a need to support and complement this process through local engagement and participation. This project aims to create a hyper-local network of volunteers and resources that align with the new structure for decentralised COVID management.

For a quick summary of the structure, roles, responsibilities and work process of WDMCs and BLCs Click here.


BBMP, Ward Committee, Ward Disaster Management Committee, Booth Level Committee, Residents of Malleshwaram


  1. Understand the role of the WDMC and BLCs for Malleshwaram (Ward 45 & 65) and present the concerns of the residents of Malleshwaram to the Ward Corporator and other BBMP officials in order to start funding COVID related relief work on-ground.

  2. Develop a local network of volunteers, and resources that can link-up to the Booth Level Committees in order to support and expand the system’s COVID management capabilities and build local resilience.

Progress so far

Participation in the training by BBMP for WDMC and BLC

Online training was conducted by BBMP on the newly envisaged system of ward-level management of COVID-19 and the proposed responsibilities of WDMCs and BLC in hyper-local management of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. The volunteers at M-ULL attended the Webinar in order to understand the system that is being set up and to how M-ULL’s activities can align with them.

You can access the recording of the training conducted by BBMP: Click here.


Join the Initiative!

How can contribute to this project:

  • Engage with Ward 65 and Ward 45’s Ward Committees and WDMCs to present the asks from Malleshwaram

  • Sign up to be part of the local volunteer network

Join us as we help make Malleshwaram safer, healthier and happier! Sign up here!

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