Supporting implementation of safety advisories (SOP)s for Business and in public spaces

The residents of Maleshwaram are developing innovative, practical solutions that are sensitive to the realities of how we use public space.


In the context of Unlock 1.0 (June 2020) BBMP had released Advisories for restaurants,

parks, salons, offices, places of worship, shopping malls, ENT clinics and hotels, RWAs,

etc. as guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, on-ground we have found that these are rarely being followed and in most cases, the guidelines were seen as almost impractical to implement. Though the BBMP officials are fining for non-adherence of these advisories, it is not seen as a solution due to the complexity of implementation.

On conversing with a few shopkeepers, vendors and restaurant owners, we found that

there is a readiness and agreement to implement the advisories, but what is required is innovative practical solutions that can be customised to various types of situations.


Restaurants, darshinis, hole-in-the-wall eateries, shop owners and business owners, small shops with spillover to the street, street vendors, parks, bus stops/stands, auto rickshaw stands, taxi stands, markets etc.

"What do I do, there is no space in my eatery to do social distancing" - Dhanush
"The current SOP do not work for hole in the wall eateries, that are common across Malleswaram" -Ravi


  1. Evaluate and support the implementation of BBMP Guidelines in restaurants, parks, salons, offices, places of worship, shopping malls, ENT clinics and hotels, etc. through innovative and easy to implement design solutions.

  2. Augment awareness amongst all these stakeholders of the SOPs to get 100% adoption of the same.

Project Tasks

  1. Identification and mapping of priority areas for implementation of guidelines.

  2. Evaluation of the extent to which the current BBMP advisories are being followed

  3. Identification of the ‘missing’ categories to which the current advisories are not suitable

  4. Street design workshop

  5. Strategies for implementation (design and adoption)

Progress so far

Identification and mapping of priority areas for implementation of guidelines.

In this ongoing mapping exercise, locations of shops, markets, parks, and bus stops, etc. are currently being crowd-sourced by volunteers and residents of Malleshwaram. The live map will help us identify zones and clusters that pose high risk and thereby in need of urgent intervention.

Street design workshop

A Design Workshop will be conducted in order to help visualise ideas for managing public space at 8th main and enable the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)s for shops that spill onto the street. The Workshop will be open to architecture students who will be supported by community inputs at appropriate times. We envision the implementation of the ideas through temporary interventions (Tactical Urbanism), followed by idea sharing with the BBMP to help move towards long-term resilience.

The workshop also aims to collate findings and create templates that can be scaled to different parts of Malleshwaram.

Some tentative specifics of the brief are as follows:

Objective: Improve safety on 8th Main considering the following:

  • COVID-19 social distancing especially at shops, eateries and around street vendors

  • Create safe walking spaces for pedestrians

  • Organise street for safer traffic movement

Site: 2 stretches along 8th Main

  • 18th Cross to 15th Cross (420m)

  • 15th Cross to 7th Cross (815m)long 8th Main

Implementation plan:

  • Temporary - for COVID-19 Safety and for testing ideas

  • Permanent - for long term resilience

Join the Initiative!

How can contribute to this project:

  • Help us map your neighbourhood in Malleshwaram

  • Interview shop-owners to identify the challenges they face in adhering to advisories

  • Participate in the Street Design workshop to visualise and implement ideas for managing public space

Join us as we help make Malleshwaram safer, healthier and happier! Sign up here!

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